Reexamine / Retrace
Reexamine / Retrace
Reexamine / Retrace
A printmaking project conceived by Studio R.M and Adeel uz Zafar at AAN Gandhara Art Space in Karachi
Thursday, 10th June, 2021
Continues through 10th July, 2021
Contemporary printmaking is flourishing, with artists turning to new digital approaches, and printing on, and with alternative materials and tools. The boundaries that once defined printmaking have blurred over time –traditional techniques have taken somewhat of a backseat since the introduction of new technologies.
The rise of new media, viewed by some as a threat to the future of traditional printmaking, has led Studio R.M and Adeel uz Zafar to conceive a show, which renews the investigation of traditional methods and known classical techniques. With these intentions, they have invited those rising and established artists, whose imagery and technical application already employ traditional techniques, to then utilize traditional printmaking methodologies to create original artworks. In our visual culture, it is more important than ever to reexamine and retrace the journey from its original source. Renewing age-old techniques, and the intrinsic qualities & traditional intimacies in artistic production has created a vibrant visual narrative that makes a difference at this current time of radical change. Studio RM and Adeel uz Zafar would like to thank Inkster Print Studio, in Lahore and IVS Print Studio, in Karachi.
Participating artists are:
Adeel Uz Zafar
Ahmed Javed
Ahsan Jamal
Ahsan Javaid
Aamir Habib
Farhat Ali
Farrukh Adnan
Haider Ali Naqvi
Irfan Gul Dahri
Jamil Baloch
Madiha Hyder
Muhammad Zeeshan
Munawar Ali Syed
Muzzaumil Raheel
Naima Dadabhoy
Noman Siddiqui
Noor Ali Chagani
Rehana Mangi
R.M Naeem
Sana Arjumand
Sophia Balagamwala
Syed Hussain
Syed Danish Ahmed
Wardha Shabbir
Zahid Mayo

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