Questioning Diversity and Coexistence through Form and Space

The first solo show of Anusha Ramchand Novlani, Seven Billion Beliefs, features large scale sculptures based off of architectural structures from around the city of Karachi that highlight the religious and cultural diversity of the city through its iconic landmarks.…

Copper, Creator, Curator

In his work titled Curating Doubt, JJ Charlesworth ponders the concept of curation. While the term curator is fairly understood, the role or job description that comes along with, it i.e. curating, is still being considered a neologism. As Charlesworth…

Of Displacement and the Familiar/Unfamiliar

For the wanderer in us, sometimes as we are getting closer to our destination, we realize how much the act of arriving unnerves us. It’s the disconnected and the unfamiliar that comes with the journey that emancipates us. I had…

Home is the Sailor, Home from Sea

I was reading Robert Louis Stevenson a few nights ago. His poem Requiem, reads: “This be the verse you grave for me Here he lies where he long'd to be Home is the sailor, home from sea And the hunter home from the hill”.1 Ruby Chishti’s works…

Soaring Species

Apt for a museum show, Suspended in Time is extremely overwhelming as it confronts the viewer with multiple facets of South Asian history simultaneously. Ali Kazim was invited to Oxford University in 2019 as the first ever South Asian artist-in-resident;…

Fragments of Self

Notes from a Familiar Space is a presentation of works by five artists— Bushra Anis, Filza Baloch, Manahil Khurram, Samra Mansoor and Zahabia Khozema— in conversation with Fazal Rizvi. The works negotiate with the ambivalence of dormant and awake spaces…

Silent Soliloquys

Rituals are central to family life. They improve the holidays because they amplify the closeness of the family and their involvement in the experience. It is also associated with a greater sense of enjoyment. Holidays are frequent opportunities for a…

Playground of Color and Memories

Afshar Malik’s paintings are seductive microcosms of pattern and color. You are lured in by the prismatic colors and then held captive by the characters that inhabit this playfully composed world. His recent show at Canvas Gallery titled The Garden…

Concrete Realities: An Introspection

It can be said that human civilization truly began when the first people began to settle down as communities along the rivers during the Neolithic period. To truly comprehend the amount of change and development that has happened since then…

Aisha Khalid – Between Culture, Politics, and Spirituality

Discussing the art of Aisha Khalid is no simple task; it requires a navigation of dualities and multiplicities, and a reigning in of ideas spread across a conceptual, disciplinary and methodological expanse. Her layered socio-political commentary responds to her experiences…

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