Celebrating Another Spring:  Compositions on Resilience & Regeneration

It is hard to review a retrospective of an artist who has taught you the very ABCs of art and has mentored almost everyone you know of in the contemporary art world of Pakistan. What’s even harder is writing about…

Urban Transitions, from Sprawl to Decay

The significance of a shared experience can be examined by deconstructing its residual memory, the sequence of events becomes a string of buoys on the shoreline creating a horizon of unified observations and impressions. Even though the physical experience might…

Eyes Wide Open

Marium Agha’s visionary embroideries are overlaid on carefully selected tapestries. The transformation of the original tapestries— from found object into artwork with personal meaning— has become a hallmark of her process. By unpicking, emphasizing, and adding on to sections of…

The Delphian Calm

Through his exhibition ‘Unrealized’, held last year at Canvas Gallery Karachi, artist and curator Adeel uz Zafar delved into the deceptive completeness of artworks, emphasizing the intricate and ongoing process hidden behind the finished facade. Engaging in profound dialogues, around…

Reverberant, Earth Echoes

Alongside the framework of a progressively endangered planet, eco-art gains a novel significance. The artists working in this area center on the recognition that the world has entered the ‘Anthropocene’ era. Anthropocentrism literally means human-centered, but in its most relevant philosophical…

Exploring Shifting Ecologies Through Time and Space

In a show that took place in September last year at AAN Art Space and Museum, artist and educationalist Sadia Salim addresses ecological concerns through a commentary on man’s toxic relationship with land—articulated within a subjective exploration that lends itself…

Motifs of Belonging

In Self and Motif, Wajiha Batool, Talia Noor, and Syed Khurram Abbas' works are brought together by comparing and contrasting their approaches to the traditional miniature. The works exist in a world that often divides cultures into watertight labels, denying…

Composer of Words and Colors

Art historian Anne Petersen investigates the transformative impact of migration and transculturation through the lens of contemporary art. She argued that this viewpoint can provide a platform for discussion on how notions of identity, belonging, and community change with migration…

The Rule is Love

Known widely as Rumi, Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī (1207-1273) is one of history's most celebrated poets and Islamic figures. As an institution constantly seeking to make connections between historical Islamic art and modern life, it is natural that the Aga…

Occupying Space and Filling the Silence – Being and Belonging: Contemporary Women Artists from the Islamic World and Beyond

Historically speaking, the art world has almost always been characterised by a gaping absence in regards to the voices of women artists, even more so with women artists originating from the Global South. Even in the twenty-first century, in spite…

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