Whimsical Encounters: The Nine Lives of Pakistan. A Conversation with Declan Walsh

“If Pakistani cities were caricatures, most would be easy to draw. Lahore is corpulent and languid, stretched out in a shalwar kameez, twirling its moustache over a greasy breakfast. Islamabad cuts a more clipped figure, holding court in a gilded…

Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities

I struggle to find the right distance, The in-between space Neither too close nor too far away will she be safe A dwelling will be located for her By her And if they still dress her up as them She…

Political Ambiguities – Finding Jinnah Through a Creative Lens

Muhammad Ali Jinnah is a political icon, or should one say an idol, whose life has been extensively written about by various literary scholars. In order to garner knowledge about the first Governor-General of Pakistan, innumerable interpretations have been made…

Not Everyone’s Heaven

Published in 2020, Not Everyone’s Heaven is a compilation of Suleman’s work wherein Salima Hashmi articulately sets the tone into motion with her the prefatory essay, by expanding on the trepidations and trajectory of the artist, through poignant notes. Hameed…

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