Perplexities of Abandonment
Perplexities of Abandonment

When I use the terms ‘forsaken’ and ‘forgotten’, I refer to the deserted spaces and abandoned objects left in disarray. These spaces and objects captivate my attention while exploring the multilayered megapolis— Karachi.

Some such spaces and objects might not have been stranded or cast aside forever, rather just put to rest for the foreseeable future but they do appear to me as if they are cast off never to be used again—abandoned. I often stop and wonder, what happened here? What led these spaces or these things to be left to deteriorate. Who put them in such a position? Are they no longer important or useful anymore? The most pressing concern revolves around the question  ‘is anyone coming back here to reclaim it?’

The stranded places and items for many do not mean anything, they go about business as usual. For me, I stop and contemplate at the juxtaposition of these vacant, noiseless pockets of space against a very happening city.

Diagnosed with autophobia, I can relate with the term ‘abandonment’ very strongly. I cannot overlook these questions that keep surfacing in my head whenever I am present in such a situation. This photo essay showcase some of the images I have captured during my walks in the city. Karachi, that I call home, often showcases a silent and nuanced backdrop with which I resonate strongly.

Javeria Khan is currently pursuing her degree in Fashion Design from the Imperial Tutorial College (ITC), Karachi. To supplement her knowledge of different artistic fields Khan is an active participant in extracurricular societies at her university. One of which is the Photography Society Bandar Road se Kemari where she set out to explore the city. Khan has always had an eye for detail and often witnesses a bigger representation of the subject than is obvious to the less discerning eye. She draws inspiration from the works of Andreas Gursky, Imogen Cunningham and Donald McCullin.

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