All That, Which Remains: Part 1- Memories
All That, Which Remains: Part 1- Memories

The recent death of my father (January, 2021) brought many changes in my life. He may no longer be with us but his belongings remind me of his everyday life. The objects used in my work are both a depiction of celebration and mourning. Such objects elicit deliberate or involuntary memories of a place, a culture, a relationship, or events of the past. While it depicts memories of places that once had laughter echoing it also holds memories of tears and partings. My work illustrates the void I feel of his absence, especially during this time when I am about to get married and he is no longer there with us. The photographs represent two major events of my life. While I move forward in life, time stands still for me. The photo-essay represents the memory of our last goodbyes, yet it also depicts the new chapter I am about to embark upon.

Through the photographic series, using digital photography and manipulation I have attempted to re-visualize the memory; tracing time, grief and loss while capturing the void I am left to face each passing day. The photograph transforms the ephemeral into intransience. This body of work celebrates cherished memories and lost moments evoked by objects and spaces from the past.

This series of photographs was a part of a yearlong project titled ‘Museum of Blue’, which was conceptualized and supported by Vasl Artists’ Association and AIIR. The two person show was held at T2f Gallery from October 20, 2022 till October 28,2022.

‘All that, which remains’ is part 1 of a two-part series. The second part of the photo essay will be issued in February 2023.

Ariba Akhlaque is a multidisciplinary artist based in Karachi, Pakistan. She graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture with a Bachelor's in Fine Art in 2021. Akhlaque majored in printmaking and new media art. She has participated in group shows held at Koel Gallery, Full Circle Gallery, and Haam Gallery in Lahore in 2022. She was a part of a yearlong collaborative project titled Museum of Blue, which was conceptualized and supported by Vasl Artist Association and AIIR. The concept behind her work stems from personal grief, loss, and time. The state of bereavement is communicated through her art pieces. The main medium of the practice involves cyanotype, scanography and photography

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