Zohreen Murtaza

Collaging Interesting Times

Adapting to a global lockdown in 2019 heralded a shift in the way people lived their lives. People changed their lifestyle, environment and routines. Attempting to return to normalcy after lockdowns and isolation was a challenge. Things could no longer…

The Works of Ustad Bashiruddin: A Restrained Grace

While researching and investigating art historical discourse pertaining to South Asia, one comes across the names of many painters, some whose names sound more familiar than others. Essays, paintings, reviews, oral testimonies of students, friends and colleagues, archival evidence has…

The Pakistan Pavilion – Architecture and Space as Locus of Dream, Desire and Longing

On October 1st 2021 the much awaited Expo 2020, hosted by Dubai opened its doors to visitors with great fanfare and a spectacular opening ceremony. The aim of the Expo was to promote “an exhibition of culture, technology and architecture…

Discomfiting Memories, Ancestral Homes

F.S Aijazuddin recounts how acclaimed author Ved Mehta, son of Dr. Amolak Ram Mehta, visited his father’s home in Lahore at 11 Temple Road not, as assumed, “to reclaim property, but to reclaim his childhood”1; the house was then allotted…

9/11 and the Politics of “Othering” in Text-Based Art

In 1990 Arjun Appadurai wrote a seminal article called “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy”; expanding upon the ramifications of a global village within a cultural context, Appadurai introduced readers to the dynamic diasporic strands of globalization that…

Of Palimpsests and Desi Flâneurs

The area of Anarkali extends south from the Lohari Gate of the old Walled City to across the British-era Mall—a wide tree-lined boulevard. Therefore, it encompasses a large swathe of the city and consists of colonial structures, a residential area1 and…

Loss and Tension in the Exploration of Text in/as Image in Pakistani Art

Language and its usage in Pakistan is a contentious issue; while Urdu is recognized as the national language

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