Zehra Hamdani Mirza

The Delphian Calm

Through his exhibition ‘Unrealized’, held last year at Canvas Gallery Karachi, artist and curator Adeel uz Zafar delved into the deceptive completeness of artworks, emphasizing the intricate and ongoing process hidden behind the finished facade. Engaging in profound dialogues, around…

Invisible Fruits and Contested Yesterdays: A look at narrative through the lens of Documenta 15

If you mark truth on a timeline, who chooses the starting point? Since October 2023, newsrooms and academic campuses particularly in the West, have been accused of taking sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict. “I don’t think it’s the ‘Israel-Gaza war.’…

Motifs of Belonging

In Self and Motif, Wajiha Batool, Talia Noor, and Syed Khurram Abbas' works are brought together by comparing and contrasting their approaches to the traditional miniature. The works exist in a world that often divides cultures into watertight labels, denying…

Acquainted with the Night

Companion of insomnia and isolation, site of sleep and dreams, communion with the divine and the unknown—the night is both a conclusion and adventure. Curated by Mallika Rangoonwala, Let There be Night had seven artists' responses to our experience of…

Images on Water: Notes on Meher Afroz

As I write this, the image of bodies falling from a plane in Kabul’s sky has already been imprinted in the world’s eye. The US have stepped away from a fight around the Euphrates River and the Hindu Kush mountains—ancient…

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