Zara Saeed Zuberi

Extended Bodies & The Metaphysical

The twenty first century witnesses’ significant expansion in the study of human cognition, encompassing psychology and linguistics as interdisciplinary spheres of cognitive science; shedding light on the intricate mechanisms that underlie the processing of information, revealing how our minds decode…

Parallels of Home – The Awakened Emotion

Home does not necessarily constitute a geographical space; it can also be deemed an emotion that we as humans carry with us in our peripatetic journey of life. An emotion that we attach to materiality in pursuit of creating our…

Redefining Mysticism, One Weave at a Time

Walking past a bustling Koel Café, you traverse through a small quaint alley adorned with lush foliage which opens into a courtyard where you are greeted by the wooden doors of the Koel Gallery. While reminiscing about my visit, I…

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