Saira Danish Ahmed

Disenchantment of It All

“I used to ask Naqeeb what good would modelling be for him; the long hair…. the photographs. I told him he should do something else. He replied, ‘Only the people in this village know you; a time will come when…

On Coevolution, and the Spaces We Build for Ourselves – Dialog on KB22

Art and technology have carved an instrumental, multifaceted and significant presence of working together in today’s digital world; each influencing the other, constantly evolving together and generating new ideas and approaches. Art encounters change with every new advancement in technology.…

Great Silk Flowers Grew from her Needles

Entering the gallery space, two things draw one’s attention instantaneously: the soulful voice that sings in the background, and the vibrant colors of the textiles suspended from the ceiling. More details unpack once the initial impact is absorbed. Silverware, porcelain…

Psychogeographical Meanderings & Meaning Making

The geomorphological and organic development of the late fifties was soon to be replaced by the incongruous and inept nature of urban public policy in many significant and heavily populated areas of Karachi. The gradual socio-economic changes of later decades…

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