Nusrat Khawaja

Nusrat Khawaja
The Thing is…

The curator, Irfan Gul Dahri, asks a rhetorical question in the two-artist show titled Self-Extended. The question is: “What is a person without the things they project their selves into?” Implicit in this rhetorical question is the assumption that there…

The Cosmos Within the Being

The overall impression given by Wardha Shabbir’s work is one of great clarity and order. She works with color fields, geometry and floral figurative elements with extraordinary precision in order to create sophisticated compositions in which nature and geometry form…

Stitching Memory – The Inner Journey of Ruby Chishti

Ruby Chishti’s sculptural art expresses a profound engagement with the human condition. It is poised at the meeting point of personal reflection, family history, memory, and the anxieties that beset the world. From her subjective and intuitive considerations, Ruby distils…

Nukta Founders and the Biography of an Art Magazine

The spirit of Pakistani art in the early 21st century was perfectly captured by Nukta Art magazine. This magazine on contemporary art was published twice a year, from 2005 to 2013. For those eight years it existed as an intellectually…

Creative Alternatives

The magic and mayhem of a mega-city like Karachi provides unending opportunities for artistic commentary. A recent exhibition at The Full Circle Gallery titled ‘Creative Alternatives’ showcased the work of four artists and one writer-in-residence, all of whom had participated…

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