Nimra Khan

Challenging Notions of Absolutism

Since time immemorial man has been attempting to make sense of the complex world around him; compressing and simplifying it through doctrines and scriptures, organizing a multifarious existence into easily digestible absolutes. However, in the current age of globalization and…

Transmutation of Thought Through Metal

One of the goals of ancient science of alchemy was to purify, mature and perfect certain materials—the transmutation of base metals. Everything in the universe was thought to be made up of the four elements namely., earth, fire, wind, water,…

Past Present Future

In a time when the global population is forced to isolate, socially distance itself and come to terms with its socio-economic disparities in a real way, a recent show attempts to bridge various forms of gaps in the art world.…

Rashid Rana – Challenging Notions of Truth

The art of Rashid Rana has been exhaustively written about, and while conducting research for this piece

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