Jovita Alvares

Bugs Bunny for President! Decoding The Comedy of Errors

‘‘The creative art is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative art.’’1 In ‘The Creative…

You Are What You Eat

As a South Asian, one is more than likely to be familiar with chicken pattices or ‘patties’, and have seen them being served at least at one social gathering. These crispy, golden-brown pastries filled with soft, warm meat filling have…

Nonsensical Truths- A reflection on “Drun”

The art of comedy and the whimsical has long been used by artists to address serious issues with a hint of satire in a way that is digestible for the general audience. This perhaps, can be seen as a more…

The Red Carpet

The advent of the fashion industry that we know today by and large occurred during the Victorian Era. Britain went through several advancements during the 1800s, including the mass manufacturing of sewing machines, which in turn, enabled a greater production…

Poor Translations

The art of miniature painting has had a transformative journey through its history in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

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