Ammara Jabbar

Archiving Memories

VM Gallery exhibited a group show titled The Tales They Carry featuring works of four female artists, Dua Abbas Rizvi, Razin Rubin, Sarah Mir and Zoila Solomon. Drawing from their personal histories the artists explored the transient nature of home…

Bashi Bazouk

In times of friction and unrest, art disarms yet cavorts with the ingenious acts of creation allowing for moments of introspection. Adeela Suleman’s solo presentation titled Bashi Bazouk held at Canvas Gallery opened on March 9th 2021. Bashi Bazouk, the…

Not Everyone’s Heaven

Published in 2020, Not Everyone’s Heaven is a compilation of Suleman’s work wherein Salima Hashmi articulately sets the tone into motion with her the prefatory essay, by expanding on the trepidations and trajectory of the artist, through poignant notes. Hameed…

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